The Mountain Goats - Palmcorder Yajna

A superb name for a band and, rarely, the band sound quite superb as well. John Darnielle, songwriter and vocals, is blessed with a fine, distinctive set of vocal chords; sounding like the bastard child of Michael Stipe and Jonh Lydon - it's grating and quite haunting.

A set of three songs, here, for your contemplation and, based on the strengths of these, the forthcoming album, We Shall All Be Healed set for a February 2004 release is eagerly scribbled into diaries. It's fairly light, acoustic rock sounding not a million miles away from very early REM. Palmcorder Yajna itself takes but a few plays to work itself under your skin. It's a dark and leery little number, telling the tale of a night in a Travel Lodge from hell. Butter Teeth and Snakeheads are lighter but reveal the same shambolic sort of structure found on the title track. Good, solid stuff, and one to look out for.



out of 10

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