Introducing Sophia Mina - including the world premiere of her video 'Run To'

Sophia Mina is releasing her new EP soon, before then we have her third single - 'Run To' - and we're lucky enough to be able to present that to you today in a world-exclusive premiere. Not only that, Sophia Mina found the time to talk to us about her career and plans for the future.

Hi Sophia, nice to meet you. Would you like to introduce yourself to the TDF readers?

Nice to meet you to. I’m Sophia Mina a singer/ songwriter from North London.

Your new video, for your single Run To, is debuting with us today. Can you tell us a little about the track and what it means to you?

I originally wrote this song for someone else, but I decided that it really fitted me as an artist and everything else that I was working on so I kept it. It’s about telling a guy, that you’re not putting up with his shit anymore and you won’t be the one he can run to anymore.

Run To is your third single - were you surprised just how well your first two singles were received?

Yep it is. Definitely a surprise, because it was the first bit of music that I’d professionally released so I didn’t know what could happen. I mean after hitting 84k plays on soundcloud on your first single and then getting offered publishing off the back of that. It’s a pretty big deal I guess.

You've already worked with Jess Glynne, how did you find that?

Well I use to get a few singing/songwriting lessons from her. I was definitely very intimidated by her, cause she has such a big voice, so I’d always be quite shy during the lessons. So she tried to help bring me out of my comfort zone and really tried to challenge me vocally. But, also really encouraged me to try and find my own vocal sound that suited me as an artist. I remember her saying you need to be writing all time, even if it’s a instrumental to a song you already like just do something different with the melody or re-write over it. And to listen to all kinds of music from all different genres that everything will help me.

Other than Jess Glynne, who else would you like to collaborate with in future.

Well an actual proper collaboration with Jess would definitely be interesting. But, on the UK scene I’d really love to collaborate with Not3s. On the American scene, it’s gotta be Bieber, but then I’m really loving Lil Skies at the moment.

Your debut EP is out soon - would you like to tell us a little about that?

Yes it’s already out now actually go check itttt!!! On all music platforms. It’s called Fly ;) Well the first 3 tracks are break up songs. Easier Said Than Done is about my most recent/ biggest break up. There’s a Lewi White Remix ft Rawz Artilla of my first single “Where’s Love” and Fly the single / title of my EP.

Did you always want to be a musician?

I always loved singing and performing. So, I always went to stage school as a kid, loved dancing as well but acting and singing was always more of my go to. Singing was definitely my first choice above all else though.

We don't believe in guilty pleasures - instead, have you got any favourite tracks by largely unknown artists you think deserve a bigger audience?

Hmmm.. unknown artists.. I don’t really listen to a lot of unknown artist, as I love commercial / mainstream music. However, I do like a lot of underground music, I’m always checking out GRM Daily and Link Up TV that’s sure.

What's next for Sophia Mina?

Well, I’ve got another video currently being edited for my single Fly. A collaborative track with my friend Gry, which I think we’ll be calling “Living the Life” title tbc haha. You can catch me performing at the Amy’s Yard showcase on the 8th May location TBC.

What question have I missed that I should really have asked you today?

How is my love life, nah I’m joking please don’t ask me that thanks!

Last updated: 05/04/2018 23:01:03

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