Mew - She Came Home For Christmas

Despite not having a huge fan base in the UK, Mew are a band who deserve more than anyone to make it big, and the general consensus amongst the music press suggests that they agree too. Their UK debut album in the UK 'Frengers' (Not quite friends, but not quite strangers) reached the UK charts, but didn't stay for long. Still, it was considered to be a success either way.
‘She Came Home for Christmas’ is technically a re-release as it also came out last year, but with much much smaller numbers as a 1 track CD and 7" only. This year, 'She Came Home For Christmas' has already been voted "Mark and Lard Single of the Week" on Radio 1. Hopefully this will get a lot more people listening to a band who can not only produce a catchy song but also one that is powerful (such as Am I Wry? No).
Unlike the majority of the Christmas singles, this isn’t intended for novelty and is targeted as a genuine song about the period.
Personally I'd have liked to have seen Mew release this as a double A-Side with ‘Snow Brigade’ as I feel slightly ripped off with a re-release, but it’s a damn good song so I don’t mind and instead we get a totally new track “That Time On The Ledge” as the other A-side on the CD, so in the end not a bad deal I suppose. The song if you've never heard it before sounds a little like Sigur Rós singing in english, with a touch more noticable guitar work in the final mix.
The CD version of ‘She Came Home For Christmas’ is a rather lack release of simply 2 tracks (Both A-Sides) and nothing more which is why you can also buy a DVD 2nd disc for a more expensive £3/4.
The DVD contains quite a lot of extras, including:

• She Came Home For Christmas - VIDEO
• That Time On The Ledge AUDIO (with animation)
• Mew Documentary - VIDEO
• Web link to Special Site (with Frengers platform game)

Also, all the Lucky people who pre-ordered this single from Virgin Megastore will have obtained a signed copy or one with a small drawing by a Mew member, which is nice of them!

All in all, this is a solid single from a solid band, who wholeheartedly deserve more than any to get to number one this christmas but probably wont get past the top 10 or 20. Which from a music lovers point of view is a travisty when you see the bilge that is the Pap Idols single. Although I've awarded it a 9, I personally feel its closer to 8.5 to 8.9, so I rounded it up instead.




out of 10

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