"We wanted this album to have more of a live feel" In Conversation with Press To MECO

Press To MECO have really hit their stride over the last few years and are about to release their second album, Here's To The Fatigue. We were able to sit down with the band and have a chat about the road that got them here and what the future ahead looks like.

How are you guys today?

All good here, getting excited about the things we have planned coming up on this album cycle.

If you had to describe your band sound to someone who has never heard you before, how would you best describe it?

We get asked this question constantly and we simply like to think of it as rock music. So many journalists or music commentators put different bands in so many different boxes we don't want to pigeonhole ourselves in any particular genre, so we say rock and everybody else can make their mind up.

Who are your influences as a band?

Well there are so many, Deftones, Brand New, Dillenger Escape Plan, Manchester Orchestra, Everything Everything, Pharoahe Monch, Propagandhi but as a collective we have such varied musical tastes, we would be here all day listing them. Our band's a product of all those formative years growing up listening to them constantly.

The new record drops on 30th March. How did the second album cycle begin?

We pretty much started writing as soon as the first album (With Good Intent) came out and then it was a natural process of picking a date to stick to and a producer to work with. Anthony who released our first record on Best Before Records was best mates with Machine who's an amazing producer with an amazing pedigree and track record. As we discussed the idea more and more, we decided to work with him out in the States and any songs that weren't completely finished we made sure we got them finished. In terms of timescales, that took nearly 18 months before we were ready to go over.

What was the recording experience like this time compared to the first record?

Well we tried a few new things this time. We tracked the drums with me and Luke in the studio playing at the same time with sectioned off amps. You could hear it in the recordings that it gave the songs a bit more energy to them. Me and Luke then went back and recorded the other instruments. The feel we were going was for a live vibe and I think we got captured that.

How was working with Machine specifically?

He was great, it was brought up by the previous record label all the time and the more we talked about it the more we liked it and he was amazing and fit in with the style of our band.

Machine is famous for producing Wrath by Lamb of God where he would make lead singer Randy Blythe run around the studio to sound out of breath on his vocal tracks. Did he get you to do any weird recording techniques?

He is such a passionate person about making sure there is a good vibe around the studio. If you listen carefully on the record you can hear him screaming with excitement in the background, that is literally Machine in the studio with his headphones on jumping around with excitement digging our stuff and we decided to leave it in.

You've toured quite extensively throughout the UK over the last few years. Do you feel that's vital to building a fanbase and getting your music heard?

Yeah because for us it's all about spreading the word and at the moment we just want to get out and play. it was great touring with Don Broco or Sikth but we feel we are ready for a UK headline tour as soon as possible. It's almost a barometer for us to see if our fan base has grown. It varies between bands though, a band may have just one song that explodes on a playlist and that's enough for a UK tour whereas other bands have to put a bit more work in and build up slowly.

You've toured with some varied bands in the past, Sikth, Max Raptor and Don Broco to name a few. Which band would you like to tour with next?

Jamie Lenman would be up there. I think that would be amazing! He did Lenmania recently and so many of our friends bands were on that bill and they had a good time. Palm Reader as well who were on that bill, I'd like to go out with them on some dates. Out of the heritage bands we would love to share a stage with AC/DC if they ever come back.

Festival season is upon us and you've been announced to play 2000 Trees. Do you enjoy playing festivals?

Yeah we are playing that. 2000 Trees is our favourite festival and they always seem to pull it out of the bag and top themselves every year. It's also a massive party because we get to meet up with all our friends in other bands.

What do you want Press To Meco fans to take away from your new album?

We want people to feel that it's a progression from the first album but we haven't pushed the boat out that much. The album is more of a refined version of Press To MECO we feel and fans of ours will dig it.

Press To MECO's latest album Here's To The Fatigue is out on the 30th March and can be bought from all good music stockists. For more information on the band head on over to their Facebook page or Twitter account.

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