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The Lord of the Rings: Trilogy Soundtrack out on Monday

A boxset featuring all three soundtracks from the LOTR films, The Lord of the Rings: Trilogy Soundtrack, will be released on 15 December 2003; no doubt in preparation for the cinema release of The Return of the King. With an RRP of around the £20 mark, the tracklist will be as follows:

The Prophecy - One Ring To Rule Them
Concerning Hobbits
The Shadow Of The Past
The Treason Of Isengard
The Black Rider
At The Sign Of The Prancing Pony
A Knife In The Dark
Flight To The Ford
Many Meetings
The Council Of Elrond / Featuring Aniron
The Ring Goes South
A Journey In The Dark
The Bridge Of Khazad Dum
The Great River
Amon Hen
The Breaking Of The Fellowship
May It Be - Featuring Enya
Fountains Of Stone
The Taming Of Smeagol
The Riders Of Rohan
The Passage Of The Marshes
The Uruk-Hai
The King Of The Golden Hall
The Black Gate Is Closed
Evenstar - Featuring Isabel Bayradkarian
The White Rider
The Leave Taking
Helm's Deep
The Forbidden Pool
Breath Of Life - Featuring Sheila Chandra
The Hornburg
Forth Eorlingas - Featuring Ben Del Maestro
Isengard Unleashed - Featuring Elizabeth Freaser & Bend Del Maestro
Samwise The Brave
Gollum's Song - Performed by Emiliana Torrini
A Storm Is Coming: Hope And Memory. Minas Tirith - Featuring Ben Del Maestro
The White Tree : The Steward Of Gondor - Featuring Billy Boyd
Minas Morgul: The Ride Of The Rohirrim: Twilight And Shadow - Featuring Renee Fleming
Cirith Ungol
Shelob's Lair; Ash And Smoke
The Fields Of The Pelennor
Hope Fails
The Black Gate Opens - Featuring Sir James Galway
The End Of All Things - Featuring Renee Fleming
The Return Of The King - Featuring Sir James Galway Viggo Mortensen & Renee Fleming
The Grey Havens - Featuring Sir James Galway
Into The West - Performed By Annie Lennox

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