Noddy - Make Way For Noddy's a Noddy single! And that's, like, the proper Noddy - friend of Big Ears and Tessie Bear, owns a red and yellow car and lives in Toytown, not some throwback to the thankfully brief trend of the nineties when kids' television characters were mixed into songs promoting the benefits of hallucinogenic and lysergic pharmaceuticals.

Strange timing, though, for you would have expected this to have been released a week later in time for the parents of easily distracted children to have bought this for a Christmas present but here it is, out on the 8th December and surfing a wave of Noddy merchandise that is being ever so thoughtfully advertised on the inner sleeve of this single. What's the song like? Well, it sounds like the awful Mr Blobby song that reached number one at Christmas years ago but without the problem of there being an association with Noel Edmonds' Crinkly Bottom (boom boom, tsich!). In other words, it's a tinny little dance-lite song with kids chirruping over the top.

In terms of comparing it to like-minded songs, Make Way For Noddy is not as good as Bob The Builder's Can We Fix It?, is on a par with anything by the Tweenies and is so much better than any song that features Barney and the stage-school brats who litter his show. It does, however, pale in comparison to absolutely any song on the wonderful Disney Boxset or the complex songs currently featured on the Disney Channel's Bear In The Big Blue House, which are technically more complex than you'd ever believe but are also catchy enough for kids of one and two to fall in love with them, of which there are none better than Pip & Pop's hilarious homage to Barry White.

The single also features the video, a karaoke video to be played on a PC and a Noddy screensaver.



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