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It's fair to say it's been a rough few years for Asking Alexandria, firstly a seemingly acrimonious split with lead singer Danny Worsnop who left to pursue solo projects and less aggressive styles of music and then the addition of new singer Denis Stoff and his eventual firing after one album to be replaced by Worsnop once again. The album Stoff sang on The Black (review of that album you can find here) was a snarling, aggressive, nihilistic and downright bitter album consumed with Worsnop's departure and the pain and anger it brought the band.

Straight from the first song 'Alone in a Room' the elephant in the room of Worsnop's departure is explored. Worsnop sings "I've been away, a little while/Sometimes I can't control myself" as the band's trademark polished riffs and high-end production swirl and barrel around him. Lead single 'Into The Fire' follows and almost immediately you can see that this album is an entirely different beast from previous records regardless of who is singing on it. The Asking Alexandria of 2017 are swinging for the big leagues, with arenas surely in their eye line. The "woah woahs" laced throughout the song are built to be a call and responded to by a big summer festival crowd and the band know it.

With the reintroduction of Worsnop, who has said in the past that he would rather not sing heavier songs if he can help it, there are a few experimental tracks that feel less Asking Alexandrialike 'Vultures' and 'Empire' which includes a rapper, a first for the band. There is no harm in swinging for the big leagues, ultimately every band wants to get their music out to as many people as possible and Asking Alexandria are well on their way to achieving that. Go in with an open mind and you will be rewarded, go in with an expectation and you will be disappointed.


A band back on the straight and narrow after a few year rollercoaster years.


out of 10

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