Electric 6 / Junior Senior - Brixton Academy

...And the winner of the award for the most pointless band on the planet goes to Junior Senior. It's an accolade they'd most likely savour, seeing as they go out of their way to appear irrelevant. A weird fusion of funk, rock and dance beats, they achieve the impossible by managing to make the genres they borrow so freely from, appear dull and lifeless. And nobody's fooled, the audience is almost catatonic until they play their single Move Your Feet which is catchy and fun in a light sort of way. Make no mistake, they are Aqua for the now generation, but with a slightly better song than the Barbie thing. They blast their way through a lightweight, fluffy set and manage to slightly entertain, but they are the musical equivalent of a really quick wank. And that's an accolade they'd probably like as well.

And so, Electric Six. Seeing as intelligent and vital rock music seems to be a thing of the past, lets be thankful that there are bands like Electric Six. If not them, it would probably be somebody even worse, if such a thing can be imagined. The best way to think about them is as a sort of Zodiac Mindwarp, but worse, which is quite an achievement in itself. Hailing from Detroit, it's almost blasphemous to imagine this band walking the same streets as The Stooges or the MC5. Or even Kiss, who they owe an awful lot too, but of course, Kiss were a lot more fun.

The songs, in themselves, are not bad if taken individually, but put them all together and the holes in Electric Six become apparent. They have absolutely nothing to say and nothing even slightly approaching innovation to say it with. Now this is, of course, not a criticism in itself. There are many bands that take this sort of approach but do it a thousand times bigger and better . Rock itself is possibly, and willingly, the dumbest of all genres, and that should always be something to celebrate rather than condemn. But if Electric Six are seen as some 'fun' rock band then god help us all, because there's precious little to laugh about based on tonight’s show. After a while, it just gets dull whereas good, fun rock bands should get better and better. As predictable as morning following night, we get Gay Bar as an encore and the crowd go wild, but it's far too late.

Make the most of this year, Electric Six, your audience is with you now, but your audience is fickle. Next year it will be somebody else they're paying their money to see, and you will be dismissed as 'sooo 2003' and it'll be back to obscurity, hopefully taking The Darkness with you. Rock can be funny, intelligent, essential or as dumb as it likes and still be excellent. Electric Six are a long way from excellent but at least it was a very short set.

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