Various - Club Fever 2006

On Club Fever 2006 virtually every second track (or so it seems) is the result of grabbing some old song, sticking it on a meat hook and eviscerating it in a brutal and unpleasant manner. The chosen victims, mind you, are generally rubbish, like the whiny, unsympathetic brats and bullies that make up the body count in your average slasher flick. Anyway, enough of the horror movie metaphors...

This, of course, is commercial dance and the practice is nothing new, but you still wonder what sort of clod has such fond memories of 80s soft rock duo Roxette that they feel the need to bring their music to a new generation of monged-out 15 year olds. Yet, bizarrely, there are two examples of this here. By a narrow margin, Listen To Your Heart beats Fading Like A Flower to being the worst. It's the sort of awful trance that one expects was cobbled together in 10 minutes. Perhaps this is one of the tracks deaf DJ Frankie Wilde was seen working on in It's All Gone Pete Tong?

Then there's the strange case of Deep Dish. Why exactly do they wish to draw those Corrs comparisons with a MOR dance version of Dreams, even if they do get to use original vocalist Stevie Nicks? It's certainly disappointing - though far from the worst this compilation has to offer, and at least the second helping of Deep Dish here, Say Hello, is much better.

Club Fever 2006 does have its moments. Freemasons' Watchin and Ferry Corsten's Fire are the sort of things that could draw one towards the dancefloor. The Source's You Got The Love still sounds good, although the second mix here, courtesy of Shapeshifters, is entirely unnecessary. Unsurprisingly, the best moments come from Goldfrapp, Royksopp and Gorillaz, the latter being remixed by those most excellent Belgians Soulwax. You can't help but feel it's sometimes the equivalent of serving Kobe beef on a bed of spaghetti hoops.



out of 10

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