The Black Tulips - The Black Tulips EP

See the photo above. Have a good look at it. It’s a perfectly realised image of cracked glamour. The perfect photo.

London based garage rock band The Black Tulips are one of the most thrilling new bands to emerge from London’s crooked underbelly.

On this, their self-titled EP, they come out legs kicking with the first track ‘Just Keep Coming’, which is a spine-tingling bone-cruncher of a song. Fat thumping bass, snarling vocals, scratchy menacing guitars, its bloody good and signals their intent to come out with all guitars slashing. The sheer voracity of ‘Just Keep Coming’ sends out a message to bands resting on their laurels, The Black Tulips are here and they’re coming for you.

‘I Don’t Want You’, starts with some nagging razor-sharp stabbing guitars and proceeds into a fighting mass of metallic sounds, sprawling and coercing the twisted voice of the singer. Grinding away into a magnificent stupor in the last minute, the track finishes with a quality resounding punch to the groin. Class.

‘Sad Sally’, the most accessible track on this EP is equally salubrious, being a clever garage rock song with glam overtones. This band simply rock. The Black Tulips aren’t just cutting edge they’re bleeding edge.

It’s direct, it’s manic, it’s in your face and primal. This is real music that grabs you by the bollocks and doesn’t let go. This is The Black Tulips.



out of 10

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