Little Big Town - Colston Hall, Bristol

After the week that's been, with the horrific scenes in Las Vegas, there's never been a better time for a Little Big Town show. The Alabama quartet are one of country music's more cheerful bands; their party music more about having a good time than pulling a guy or gal.

Their mood probably wasn't helped by a short evacuation of Colston Hall and the arrival of around five fire engines. Luckily nothing was awry and Seth Ennis kicked things off with his uber-friendly, teetering on cheesy, approach to crowd-pleasing. He does knock out a good tune or two as 'Woke Up In Nashville' and 'Three' (recorded by Lauren Alaina) show. But the Georgian is good example of the kind of act the British country scene have taken to their hearts.

The headliners also have a fascinating sense of inclusion in their show. Despite far less banter than their support act, everyone in the crowd feels the good nature and love exuding from the stage. The band's strength is their mix of vocals, each of the four mixing and matching on songs throughout the night, each with their strengths. There are times when Karen Fairchild takes centre stage, especially on their masterpiece 'Girl Crush', but most of the time they're all involved.

Mainly due to wheeling out crowd pleasers like 'Pontoon' and 'Front Porch Thing' early on, the show keeps its momentum despite leaning on new material - including 'Lost In California''s shimmering brilliance and 'Beat Up Bible''s beauty - by sprinkling the hits throughout. It's a show high on feel good-ness, and all the better for it.

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