Adam Green - Jacket Full Of Danger

For much of Jacket Full Of Danger, New Yorker and Moldy Peach, Adam Green, appears to be doing a so-so impression of an old style crooner. His backing band gamely play along with the act. Strings are frequent. C-Birds employs strange theatrical chanting. Animal Dreams sounds like a show tune. Nat King Cole dabbles with rock 'n' roll, Green pretending he's... Elvis. Confused?

Songs such as Drugs and country-strummer Hairy Women are among the more obvious examples of him not taking this too seriously. But the question sometimes raised is: if a song is delivered with a knowing wink, does it somehow become exempt from criticism?

Well, certainly not the album's unfortunate nadir, White Women, a bizarre Led Zeppelin parody, replete with a would-be towering Kashmir-styled orchestral arrangement and lyrics which seem to go "You know I want to bone you/ I want to make a hole in you". It falls somewhat short of hilarious.

After getting used to Jacket Full Of Danger, I found it mostly bearable. Indeed, Cast A Shadow is rather sweet. Putting slight personal irritations aside, one has to admire Green's plucky courage in his choice of genre, and the tunes are at least nicely formed. Plus, if you really don't get the joke, at only 30 minutes the album is mercifully short.



out of 10

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