Kula Shaker - Revenge of the King

Even the most persistent prophet or reader of Old Moores Almanac could not have predicted the return of Kula Shaker in 2006. What next, Kingmaker getting the band back together? The main point to remember though is that at the beginning, Kula Shaker were actually pretty good. All the pretensions aside, "Tattva" was a stunning song, a great tune matched to some excellent ideas and an original approach. "Govinda" and "Hey Dude" weren't all that bad either, even if they do sound a little dated now. But after their second album tanked, Kula Shaker beat a hasty retreat, disappearing from view.

But now they return, with a new EP, available only for download. And if their new website is anything to go by, they have lost none of their pretentious streak. Their return sees three of the original members back in action, Jay Darlington deciding to call it a day. Lead track "Revenge of the King" starts off sounding, well, just like Kula Shaker - shimmering with Eastern promise, before going into a very ordinary sounding rock track. The riff, which sounds pilfered from Depeche Mode's "Personal Jesus", is interesting enough, but the song sounds leaden and lumpy. It’s hardly a stunning comeback, but rather something very standard with none of the originality that marked out their finer moments.

Whether this comeback works or not remains to be seen. To be fair, it’s not that long ago that they were last around. Crispin Mills and his merry men though perhaps need to learn a few new tricks if they hope to regain any of their old glories.

Available at the moment exclusively from Itunes, please use the link to take you direct to the store.

Listen to a new track at their MySpace page



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