Alicia Keys - You Don't Know My Name

Unlike the Britneys and Christinas of the pop, Alicia Keys has a credibility that may not be entirely deserved. As the world waits to see how little Britney is wearing as she launches her latest comeback - she's had two and she's only in her early twenties - Alicia Keys slips her latest single into the release schedule alongside her latest album and instead of appearing on the front cover of music magazines with her thumb lodged down her knickers, her interviews talk about her upbringing in New York and her songwriting. Whilst this may be as contrived as Christina's flashing of her crotch through a pair of lace-up trousers, you suspect that Alicia won't be struggling to come back with every new release and that five, six years from now she'll still be around when Britney and Christina are working hard to launch their movie careers.

Songs In A Minor was a really good album and her latest, from which You Don't Know My Name has been pulled, follows the same format. Despite the slow pace of the song and Alicia's use of piano, there's a cool funk that stretches underneath the song, making this hugely appealing. Even the use of a phone call in the bridge from the waitress played by Alicia to a man she sees every day and who barely knows her works against being the cliche that it otherwise sounds.

This is a great song and despite being unsure of whether Alicia Keys has been using a fake credibility as quickly as Britney has been using her supposed virginity, this ought to be a success much like her latest album.



out of 10

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