Christina Aguilera - The Voice Within

Given the reaction to Christine Aguilera's appearance around the release of her second album, you would genuinely think that young, barely clothed women were as rare as Faberge eggs. Despite the shelves of newsagents groaning under the weight of men's lifestyle mag, each of which includes a cover shot of some twentysomething stripping off in the hope of boosting the success of their latest single, the fuss that surrounded Christina Aguilera was quite curious.

After the success of Beautiful, you'd be forgiven for wondering if Christina Aguilera was rethinking her career. Regardless of Dirrty, Beautiful was a huge success and lost the bump'n'grind of her R&B songs in favour of a big ballad more at home alongside Celine Dion than Lil' Kim. So, for her follow-up, The Voice Within, what's it going to be? Big up'd on Radio 1 or played during Wogan's easy-listening breakfast show on Radio 2?

Co-written with Glen Ballard, The Voice Within is a very much the latter, starting with Christina singing solo but which gradually ups the song to include a gospel choir, fat power ballad drums and big, chunky chords played on a piano. Whilst the song itself is as good as Beautiful, you sense that, to the public, Christina Aguilera is one of those artists with one good song and many more that are little more than forgettable. The Voice Within is good but until Christina Aguilera becomes a little more respected and begins having regular hits in the UK, expect songs like this to be top twenty but to go little higher.



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