Five things to do at Green Man 2017

We've suggested a few acts for you to see each day already, so head over to our preview for those suggestions, here we're going to give you a steer on the five things you really have to do at Green Man this year.

Visit The Courtyard.

Whether you're a beer or cider person you'll spend a considerable amount of time in and around The Courtyard. Not only is it right in the very heart of the festival site it's also the home of the festival of welsh beer and cider that's such a huge part of the experience.

Take in 'Now I Want To Hoover My Brain Clean'.

We somehow missed The Wave Pictures from our preview but they're just one of a number of fantastic bands that are playing across the weekend. The mix of music across the site is fantastic. Unless you like pop, but then you'd be at the wrong festival. The Wave Pictures are the perfect example of a Green Man act, like nothing you've heard before, yet familiar. Work that out.

Experience the Rough Trade sessions.

We'll let their tweet do the talking, but cram into the small Rough Trade tent to a) support the acts by actually buying some music, and b) watching some great music on a tiny scale.

Settle down with the family. Or Bowie.

Cinedrome is a magic tent of many things. Whether you want the kids to relive your childhood by watching Bugsy Malone or The Lion King, or maybe you want some Beside Bowie: THe Mick Ronson Story to enrich your weekend , the Cinedrome tent has you covered. There are also live scores peppered through the weekend, a showing of the excellent Free Fire on Thursday night, and a bunch of other gems. Plus it's dark and a good place to hide from your family for an hour.

Do something new.

Part of the charm of Green Man is its variety of unique spaces. From Babbling Tongues with its mix of daytime interview and idle chitchat, and evening comedy, through the back to basics relaxation of Nature Nuture or the child-like wonder of Einstein's Garden. Plus Little Folk and Fortune Falls. Go lose yourself.

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