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Last year was supposed to be the big one for Dua Lipa. Her debut was all set for October 2016 and her career was about to take off. Sadly record company whims took over and the release was pulled. A February date came and went, and now, in summer, her self-titled debut is with us. So, after five singles, you kind of know what you're getting but does it all hang together as an album?

You could argue that in 2017 and with her target audience, it doesn't matter whether Dua Lipa works as a package. The question is are there some good tunes that'll get streamed. The short answer is yes. You know most of those without hearing the album though: 'Hotter Than Hell', 'Blow Your Mind (Mwah)', and the top ten hit 'Be The One'. Of those you won't know 'IDGAF' has a terrific melody and a punchy, NSFW, chorus, and 'Garden' relies on the 22-year-old's strong vocals.

Overall its handful of decent pop-dance songs go some way towards delivering on Dua Lipa's promise, but she's not the saviour of pop that 2017 needs.


Some good, some bad.


out of 10

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