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The Seal Cub Clubbing Club - 'EP 2' Audio Streams

The mysterious and excellently named new band The Seal Cub Clubbing Club (A name best not to try and say ten times when your mouth is full of crisps) have their second EP released on March 27.

Simply titled 'EP 2' the audio streams of each track are available to listen to by clicking the links below:

01 - Celine - Windows Media Player

02 - Drums In Der Night - Windows Media Player

03 - World Of Fashion - Windows Media Player

04 - Threebie - Windows Media Player

05 - (I'm Gonna Get That Rabbit) - Windows Media Player

From The Seal Cub Clubbing Club's PR and a paragraph siphoned from the band's curious stream of consciousness:

'Enigmatic to say the least...TSCCC unleash their second EP on 27th March 2006. Simply put, the EP comprises five tracks and witnesses the band’s aural ascendancy, with not a minute to waste, here’s the communique from said collective...

I’m writing a new-car-style album called Celine. This album isn’t called that, it’s called How Many Press Agents Does It Take To Arrange For A Solicitor To Give The Go-Ahead To Investigate The Possible Necessity Of Action Being Taken To Force A Re-Think In The Policy Of Not Changing The Light-bulb? No, it isn’t called that either really, it’s called Drums In Der Night (there’s one in the eye of Piscator Ha!) and with the current trend for long names, perhaps that’s for the best. The ink was barely dry on the typos of ‘last EP’ when out poked another, this time amalgamated and taking in Worlds of Fashion and contempt (and what do you call that which comes after three and before four and was born out of the need for frustration i.e. ssssstttttrrrrreeeeetttttccccchhhhhiiiiinnnnnggggg? you call it the Threebie and hang the expanse). All that remains is for me to claim that I was never really jealous of her other lovers, nor of her need for speed and ceramics, get it the rubber one! Get it the one with the baby fist that chokes on us! Someday I’ll get it… what? Someday I say (I’m Gonna Get That) Rabbit and rip-it un-stuff it! Pull-out fur-from it! I’m ready!

The Seal Cub Clubbing Club - Website

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