Mew - ULU, London

Denmark’s Mew, a band who effortlessly fuse A-Ha-style Scandinavian vocals with pulsating punk rock and dance vibes have already carved out a such a cult niche here in England that their sole date at the ULU venue is sold out, and crammed with people who know every lyric off Frengers, their debut album.

Accompanied by a mesmerising video show that somehow keeps in synch with the changes in tone of each song (and never repeats visual material), Mew gracefully turn a sweaty student union into a stadium of intensity and light in which every bass note and power chord carries with it a devastating aftermath. Brilliantly opening with Am I Wry? No, which manages to exist as a collection of middle-eighths somehow woven into a cohesive song, Jonas Bjerre’s vocals are frail and drenched in reverb, yet seem to punch a thunderous bolt through the hostile storm of his musical backing, delivering the message with frightening conviction. It’s the first song, and already the crowd are aware that this is a special gig.

156 bulldozes into the set in second place, followed by a poignant which features a strong instrumental second act that corroborates the band’s cinematic persuasions. Sadly, Mew have only one ‘proper’ album behind them, and who knows what sort of gig they can deliver when they have four or five albums packing their discography? So tonight, we are predictably treated to She Came Home For Christmas, She Spider and the pounding Snow Brigade, and before we know it Mew have finished and encored, with Comforting Sounds being a comforting late set entry. Musical immortality is certainly within their grasp, and when the band explain that one of their guitars was stolen and yet the crowd had managed to cheer them up, you sense that they enjoyed proceedings as much as we did. If Mew continue their upward progression, they could even surpass Scandinavian cousins The Hives, and tick off more niche markets.

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