Test Icicles - Totally Re-F***ked

"Its like Run DMC / Aerosmith for 2006…"

Well, that's what is says on the PR sheet... I plead insanity and just say that if this is the Test Icicles swan song, then it's not going to leave a lasting and favourable impression.

Boa Vs Python was one of the standout tracks from their rather mixed debut album, but here it's been completely deconstructed so that it might as well be released as a completely new track... All the originals aggression and in-your-face-ness has been reduced to a rap track that just doesn't go anywhere.

Same can be said for Catch It. No Test Icicles fan will buy this, it might go down well with the rap fans (and I can't even see that), but there's no redeemable resemblance to the original tracks to interest anyone.

Complete rubbish. The fact that's it limited edition is the only positive; at least great quantities of vinyl will be spared a cruel and desperate death.



out of 10

Last updated: 19/04/2018 06:14:40

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