Abs - Seven Ways

He was once in 5ive, alongside such heroes of the modern age as Richie Neville (boyfriend of Billie Piper prior to her lost weekends with Chris Evans) and Jason Brown (once said to the boyfriend of Mel C despite his denials).

And 5ive, what were they famous for? A boy-band'd up version of Queen's We Will Rock You. There's only ever been one good cover of We Will Rock You and that was by Rick Rubin, who knew that what the Queen version missed were church bells, scratching and a 4 minute guitar solo. Oh yeah, there was also a song called Everybody Get Up but 5ive must think we're daft for it was really just Joan Jett's I Love Rock'n'roll.

Still, you would never have put money on Richard 'Abs' Breen being the only one to leave 5ive with much hope of a solo career but here he is, out of the boy band game and offering a few minutes of pop/R&B that is, against all expectations, actually quite good. 7 Ways opens with a chiming little guitar sample and despite Abs coming on a bit Craig David, is a fine summer tune, as shown by the blunted party down at the beach house in the video. Shame it's December, though.

The only real problem that I do have with 7 Ways is that is purports to feature rapper Eve but just listening to the single makes it perfectly clear that it ain't that Eve - cool, sassy, pink hair, Let Me Blow Ya Mind, etc. - but another, recently signed to BMG. While she's alright, she still ain't the right Eve so marks off!

Track 2, Angel, is a bit of the same but slows the beats a little and does a bit of swooning to the ladies - front row ladies, naturally. With a remix of 7 Ways, that's the lot but, with this being the fourth single off Abs' album, Abstract Theory, surely everyone who wants this has it by now?

Note that this single was to be out in November but due to a busy schedule, Abs and RCA have postponed its release until the new year. If you're really interested, buying the album would clearly be the next step.



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