Celtic Legends

St Patrick's Day is nearly upon us, and into the shops goes this cash-in double CD of "Celtic Legends", and a very mixed bag it is as well. This is one of those CD's that you can't ever imagine just popping on and listening to, unless you've been out on the lash and drunk 8 pints of Guinness or your Uncle Seamus pops round for supper.

There is a quite an even split between more traditional Irish songs on disc one, and slightly more uptempo numbers on disc two, with the odd rock song thrown in there for good measure. This means that the first disc takes quite a lot of endurance to get through. It starts with the sickly Brian Kennedy singing "You Raise Me Up", truly awful Westlife or not. From there on you lurch from soft sung ballads about how great Ireland is, to the more traditional sounds of the emerald Isle. If you like this sort of music, you are going to love it. But if you don't, there is not much on this disc that is going to do little more than get on your nerves.

The second disc is better, particularly for the more casual listener. It opens with The Dubliners, and then into Thin Lizzy wonderful "Whiskey in the Jar", its amazing guitar riff lifting the song, Phil Lynott's amazing vocal shining out. "Fisherman's Blues" by The Waterboys is also a highlight; its Irish music for the pop charts, but with a really good melody on a good song. There are some baffling choices on this CD ("Belfast Child" by Simple Minds for example), but on the whole this is all pretty standard stuff.

Like most compilations of this type, you'll either love this or loathe it. If you are a fan of Irish music, you will already have most of this already. If purchased on an impulse, I can't imagine it being played much. St Patrick's Day, after all, only comes once a year, and for those other days, this CD will surely say sat on the shelf.



out of 10

Last updated: 19/04/2018 06:15:16

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