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New Band - Love Is All

The latest buzz band are the Swedish band Love is All.

Love Is All are a band from Gothenberg, Sweden and consist of four blokes and one girl. Their debut album 'Nine Times That Same Song' is out now and available to buy.

It's an excellent must-buy album that crosses the same lo-fi feel of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs with the elements that made Arcade Fire such a roaring success. Add in the regulation Josef K post punk sounds and Love Is All become a very interesting proposition that are well worth investigating.

Set to make a considerable impact this year, Love Is All are currently playing the world's coolest places with a couple of appearances at this year's South By Southwest Festival in the pipeline. Their only UK show that has been announced is at one of London's best and relatively unheard of music venues, Hugo's Speaker Palace.

Hugo's Speaker Palace is a secret music venue in Hackney that showcases the latest and greatest new bands from the UK and beyond.

Love Is All will be playing there on Saturday 25th February at what must be the gig to be at this weekend if you live in London. Try not to get trampled by the stampede of A&R reps if you decide to go.

Having been to see Pro Forma there and surviving the nights 'events', an 'alternative' night's entertainment is guaranteed.

N.B. You may or may not see belly dancing, a japanese rapper with tourettes playing kids toy musical instruments or a white spotty student doing an amazing human beatbox impression.

You can hear what Love Is All sound like at their Myspace page:

Click here for Myspace - Love Is All

Last updated: 30/07/2018 09:03:12

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