Jake Searson - Truth and Lies

This is the first album from Jake Searson, a 19 year old with a musical background. Jake first picked up a guitar at age 13. However, when you listen to this debut release, you kind of wish that he'd put it back down and left it alone.

There is nothing particularly "wrong" with this album - 11 songs of riffs and drums, teenage angst lyrics and squealing guitars. However, not much of it is of any merit, little more that hundreds of other bands aren't doing better, with more passion and talent. Some of the lyrics are actually quite amusing - "They hated everything I was, just because I couldn't play lacross" springs to mind - but on the whole the words here are teenage poetry, the kind that should stay firmly shut in the exercise book.

But what of the songs. Well, "Nice Guy" is just horrible, a really unpleasant piece of crap. After listening to this it was purely a sense of duty to the review that made me listen to the rest of the album. "Truth and Lies", the next single, is on the other hand actually quite good, nothing particularly original but not without its moments.

"Concrete and Streetlamps" is also an ok piece of Emo, drifting from noisy to quiet and back again, like most of the songs on here. Best track for me though was the acoustic version of "Butterflies" - the original version is alright, but this is much better, and again shows some signs of talent. His voice though is adequate at best, with nothing to mark it above any other 6th form common room band.

I wasn't that impressed by this. Sure, it's a debut, and it's early days for Jake Searson. But the sheer nastiness of "Nice Guy" (be it ironic or not) spoilt this album for me, and after that, nothing else could redeem it.



out of 10

Last updated: 19/04/2018 06:19:14

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