Various - Sunday Morning Songs

Despite sounding like a dull slot in some radio schedule, Sunday Morning Songs is in fact a rather fine compilation. The tracklisting, as you might expect, sticks to a relaxed vibe, but the range of genres covered is diverse.

Acoustic and "chilled electronica" quotas are satisfied; the former with the likes of José González* and Mazzy Star, the latter with the likes of Lemon Jelly (In The Bath never fails to raise a smile), Sneaker Pimps (trip-hop classic 6 Underground) and even a Brian Eno ambient excursion. In addition, room has been made for jazz, country and such miscellaneous gems as Sigur Rós' Hoppipolla (one of the most gloriously uplifting tunes in recent memory) and Richard Hawley's Coles Corner (released in 2005, but sounding more 1955; imagine The Divine Comedy without the irritating smugness). The fact that these tracks seem randomly thrown together by marketing men actually works for once.**

If you skip the occasional bore (e.g. Turin Brakes, Crowded House, Athlete), and can forgive the omission of the ultimate Sunday morning song - The Velvet Underground's Sunday Morning, of course! -, this should at least take care of any musical decisions which have to be made bleary-eyed and fuzzy-brained.

*Please check out the superior original of Heartbeats by Swedish electronic duo The Knife.

**According to the infinite monkey theorem, a monkey hitting keys at random will eventually produce the complete works of Shakespeare.



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