Shane Richie - I'm Your Man

Shane Ritchie...doing George Michael's I'm Your Man...for Children In Need. That's all you need to know.

Well, no, actually there's a bit more. Says Shane Ritchie on the back of the DVD single release, "I was thrilled when I was approached to do this song, as I totally believe in the work Children In Need do." Absolutely no argument there but there's more, "...firstly I'm a big George Michael fan...what we've tried to do is put a totally different spin on it, so it's almost like Darkness meets Wham!"

And it's best that we stop there! The Darkness meets Wham! Hold that thought...Honestly, I don't know about attaching The Darkness to this recording for, while Shane Ritchie's version of I'm Your Man is faithful enough to the original version, it just lacks sparkle. Indeed, it doesn't sound that far from being a live recording of I'm Your Man held during a celebrity karaoke on this year's Children In Need, which, effectively, is what this is. Whilst the session musicians may be great, they don't really gel and although Shane Ritchie's voice doesn't offend, he struggles to really get hold of the song.

There are extras both on the CD and DVD versions of the single but most telling is the inclusion of a Karaoke version of the song, which says it all really. This single is for a good cause - one can't fault that - but otherwise, s'alright but nothing terribly special.



out of 10

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