Sparks - Hello Young Lovers

Rock anthem Dick Around introduces the musical mayhem created by Sparks on their new album. It sounds like a forgotten song from the Rocky Horror Show and possesses all the glam rock of Falco's Amadeus. The lyrics make little sense, but are sung with such conviction that you want to believe it.

The rest of the album follows a spangled mixture of thrashing rock operettas and all the fabulousness of a spectacular musical. Perfume, which is every cosmetic advertiser’s dream, is a funky ode to a girl who relies on her natural odour to attract men. And the suggestive Can I invade your country is a great quasi-political shimmy.

Musically this album is first class, the arrangements sound great and the melodies are fab. But for some it could start to become a bit repetitive and even grating. By track eight, I admit to getting a bit bored, especially since Here Kitty repeats its title roughly 32 times. The record is redeemed at the end with the great organ playing on As I sit to play the organ at the Notre Dame cathedral

However, the band must get full marks for originality and thinking out of the ever-restrictive box. It’s a bold album that is hard not to appreciate. Watch out for the live gigs coming up later this year, if they can cram so much panache into an album, I have high hopes for the live spectacle.



out of 10

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