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It wasn't very long ago when to say you were a part of the "Sheffield Music Scene" didn't mean all that. It conjured up images of poor attempts to rival Pulp or Joe Cocker, or even worse The Human League.
Nowadays it's quite the thing to claim to be 'from Sheffield' and indeed be a part of the close knit Sheffield music scene. Enter stage right, The Harrisons. Long since popular in Sheffield 'cult music' circles from Abbeydale to Walkley (there aren't any Sheffield areas beginning with Z I can think of sadly) but only recently have they hit the spotlight so to speak.

While everyone is buzzing around the Arctic Monkeys they are but school kids who have hit the limelight in all respects. While they too sing about how gritty Sheffield is (it isn't all that bad, I promise you) I scarcely believe they've seen even half of what their lyrics conjure up, despite how close to the truth some of them are. The Harrisons however are out there, living on the music alone (none of the members have jobs outside of the band I believe). There's the true grit of Sheffield, but they are but a rare example of it.
The latest single Blue Note is more of the same we were treated to with their debut single "Wishing Well". It is a song about wanting to go back and face the past, but at the same time trying to endeavour forwards with angst and mild regret of things past.

Not only is it a great track, but it also features an utterly stunning video. In homage to the book/film Kes, the band (and some friends) re-enact the famous footy scene from said film. With actor 'Steve Edge' (Phoenix Nights, Peep Show) playing the overbearing PE teacher once played by the emotive Brian Glover. You can download the video below, and trust me, it’s worth it:

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