Blu Cantrell - Make Me Wanna Scream

Blu Cantrell's Breathe was one of 2003's more successful singles and with a fair degree of style, she politely answered journalists' questions about her top-shelf past and emerged with not a hair out of place following a rumour feud between her and Beyoncé Knowles. Make Me Wanna Scream will, therefore, be followed with some interest and, whilst not having as great an impact as her earlier single, is much more insistent and impressive over repeated listenings.

The song opens with a clipped rhythm not dissimilar to that used by Missy Elliot on Get Ur Freak On but with a lot less punch, not to mention missing the unique ticks and samples that made Missy Elliot's track so special. Yet Make Me Wanna Scream gets close enough to the excitement of that earlier track to be Blu Cantrell's best song to date and, yes, better than Breathe. Whilst the absence of Sean Paul does this song no harm, Make Me Wanna Scream is helped a great deal by Blu Cantrell's delivery, which is a lot less mellow than it is on Breathe but which displays none of the unnecessary octave-hopping that other modern R&B artists seem so fond of. Whether Blu Cantrell simply doesn't have the voice, I don't know, but she does better her peers by being a little more restrained.

Track two is only an instrumental version of Make Me Wanna Scream, which is sure to keep samplers/remixers happy. Make Me Wanna Scream, therefore, shows Blu Cantrell as a serious contender for any role that Beyoncé might believe to be hers and with the troubled careers of both Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston in tatters, now may be her time.



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