The Motorettes - Super Heartbeats

So you've heard a few positives words about a band, read a couple of good things about them. Cynicism teaches you to expect that nine times out of ten that these voices will be either lying to you or hugely, horrible deluded. Then suddenly... suddenly you find yourself just hit, slapped in the face, by three minutes of pure, magnetic optimism. It's a magical moment every time you realise that everything’s gonna be just fine as long as there are buzzsaw guitars, big rock and roll drums, lyrics about doing cartwheels and absolutely MASSIVE ensemble shoutalong pop choruses. Super Heartbeats contains every one of those magical ingredients - it's music to fall in love with. Completely essential throwaway junk punk fun of the highest order.



out of 10

Last updated: 19/04/2018 06:38:26

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