Arctic Monkeys - When The Sun Goes Down

The most hyped band on the planet has returned. We all know the story by now; from the NME to the colour supplements in the broadsheets, you've not been able to avoid it. It can be boiled down to such: Kids use internet to spread the word about and promote their band without the aid of a record company and, on their first official release, go to number one in the singles chart. The question is, can they repeat this feat?

Not as catchy as I Bet That You Look Good on the Dancefloor this is still a good slice of guitar-based indie music. The music itself isn't anything special; the slow intro, upbeat middle section and slow ending formula is as tried and tested as a Vauxhall Nova, but once again it's lead singer Alex Turner's way with words that raises this above their contemporaries.

The lyrics are about an alleged notorious Sheffield girl who, in conjunction with a "boyfriend", checks you out to see if you're worth robbing later in the evening. Name checking one of the other great "lady of the night" tracks Roxanne on its way it's a surprisingly fun and witty song but it's the lack of a crunching riff and catchy chorus that makes this not as incendiary as I Bet That... and ultimately, because of this, slightly disappointing.

Sure the singles released this time of year are pretty poor and I think this will make it to number 1 due to the lack of any kind of competition. Some people will say that two "Hit Singles" proves that they're worth the hype, but I'm holding out till I've heard the full album.



out of 10

Last updated: 19/04/2018 06:40:41

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