Jon Kane's Top Ten Albums of 2005

Jon Kane presents his opinion on the Top Ten albums of 2005.

In alphabetical order:

Arcade Fire - Funeral

Experimental Indie rock Canadians Arcade Fire went from being a cult band at the start of 2005, to entering the mainstream with the release of their critically acclaimed album ‘Funeral’, with their success sparked off by word-of-mouth from those early-birds who heard the album first. Innovative videos, great singles, and sold out tours everywhere capped off a very successful year for the band. The Arcade Fire were the runaway success story of 2005.

Common - Be

Common has been making eclectic hip-hop albums for quite a few years. With the release of ‘Be’, he has reached the top of his game. It is an astounding record full of clapped out and blissful beats. A strong 70’s soul influence pervades throughout, most notably on the last track ‘It’s Your World‘. Roping in heavyweights such as John Legend and Kanye West as producer altogether helped Common make 2005’s best hip-hop album.

Jackson And His Computer Band - Smash

‘Smash’ by Intelligent dance maestro Jackson Fourgeauds was arguably the underground dance album of 2005 and along with his early remixes, helped persuade Warp Records to sign him. Jackson with ‘Smash’, creates innovative multi-layered antiquarian futurist dance music that is quite unlike anything you’ve heard before. Distinctive in style compared to his peers Daft Punk, Aphex Twin et al, Jackson & His Computer Band will light up the dance world in 2006.

King Creosote – KC Rules Ok

Kenny Anderson aka as King Creosote along with psychedelic minstrels The Earlies as his backing band, created a majestic album of pop-folk full to the brim with poignant, funny, touching and well-crafted beguiling songs to warm the listener’s heart for many a cold winter.

Panico - Subliminal Kill (Import)

Ready, steady, Panico! Chilean art-rockers Panico made an album containing some of the most thrilling music of 2005 courtesy of the triple whammy nuclear bombast of the tracks ‘Que Pasa Way’, ‘Transpira Lo’ and ‘Telephone Dilemma’. Taking in a fusion of styles from garage rock to dance-punk, Panico make music of the most thrilling kind.

Sons And Daughters – The Repulsion Box

Spawning one of the singles of the year with ‘Dance Me in’, Scots rockers Sons And Daughters fulfilled the promise shown in their debut mini-album ‘Love The Cup’ released back in 2004. Given freedom to let loose on ‘The Repulsion Box’ they didn’t just do that they let rip with their brilliant mix of rock meets folk. Sons And Daughters hit the mainstream in a big way with this release and show no signs of relenting their onslaught with new material due for 2006. From beginning to end ‘The Repulsion Box’ doesn’t let up and made for one of the most enjoyable listens of 2005. If you don’t have this album, well………3-2-1 you’re under. You will now buy this album from Amazon and proceed to listen at high volumes. 3-2-1 you’re back and are quite chuffed that you’ve made an excellent music purchase and have been grooving to the album at high volumes since you got it. Well done, good choice!

The Organ – Grab That Gun (Import)

In 2005 little-known Canadian band The Organ, came over to the UK to play a couple of short tours. Electrifying live, If ever there was a record made to get under your skin then ‘Grab That Gun’ by The Organ is such a record. This Canadian all girl indie-troupe may be in slight furtive thrall to The Smith’s recorded output going by the androgynous front-woman and epic smithsean guitars, but what songs! Timeless guitar tunes and some of the catchiest songs of 2005 await you if you decide to buy this album when it get's a UK release in Spring 2006.

The Rakes – Capture/Release

Franz Ferdinand conquered and made 2004 their own with their self-titled debut. England responded with Indie noiseniks The Rakes. ‘Capture/Release’ is an album for the young people of now. It takes influences from Joy Division and Wire and mixes them up with some fast stabbing punky garage rock. Full of dry, witty songs and incisive lyrics about what it’s like to live in present cosmopolitan times, from the city work-life and daily grind drudgery of '22 Grand Job' to the 21st century anthem of ‘Work, Work, Work Pub Club Sleep’. Is The Rakes ‘Capture/Release’ the debut album of 2005? Most definitely.

The Shortwave Set – The Debt Collection

‘The Debt Collection' was made from an assortment of East London market bits and bobs and charity shop vinyl which were then fed into an old laptop. The result is a record that sounds a lot like The Avalanches in its use of samples and St Etienne with its gorgeous sounding female vocals. 60’s pop sounds decorate and pepper the smooth beats and crackling samples taken from songs that were all but lost. The track ‘Is It Any Wonder’ is the highlight of a wonderful album with its elevating piano hooks, strings and tuneful bass locking the listener in its trance-like heavenly melody. Reward your hangover with the tonic that these tunes provide and re-invigorate your senses after a hazy weekend. ‘The Debt Collection’ is a record fit to soundtrack any summer.

Tom Vek – We Have Sound

23 year old Londoner Tom Vek made a striking debut album in ‘We Have Sound’. Recorded in his dad’s garage, it has a raw, edgy production feel that works in the album’s favour. Tom Vek offers a viable alternative to the bland music for the masses that gets fed to record buyers who only buy a handful of albums each year. ‘We Have Sound’ journeys through different genres and takes in elements from The Talking Heads, Pavement, Sonic Youth and Beck. It’s an album that’s fresh and one that lived up to the hype. If you haven’t bought it, then buy it now.

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