Silver Sun - Disappear Here

Silver Sun have always been a band in the wrong place at the wrong time. In the late 1990's, they released a string of excellent pop singles to an underwhelmed public. Their debut album, "Silver Sun", bristled with tunes, including the infectious "Lava" and "Golden Skin". Follow-up Neo Wave though was a bloated, over-long affair, with little variety. It's saving grace was "I'll See You Around", one of the greatest pop songs of the late 90's, a track a band like Busted would die for. Two albums in, they decided to call it a day, not that anyone was really paying much attention.

Therefore, it was a surprise in late 2004 to hear that Silver Sun had reformed, and were on the verge of releasing their third album. "Disappear Here" is the result, and is more of a return to the quick, smart pop of their debut. At ten tracks and 30 minutes, it hardly outstays its welcome. However, there is not enough variety here, which is a shame. Silver Sun are capable of writing excellent songs, and are blessed with a fine vocalist in James Broad. But this is a real one note album. Guitars buzz amid the harmonies but it sadly all sounds the same.

That said, it still sounds pretty good. "Can't Get You out of my Head" is a great example of their talent, as the vocal lines intermix and the guitars drone. "Immediate" starts of with the promise of something new but soon cascades into familiar territory. "Pipsqueak" recaptures the sound of Lava and "She Wants a Puppy" is the only time the album slows, a pretty melody spoiled by some very naff lyrics. Improving things is the album closer, "You Can't Kill Rock and Roll", full of bright ideas that you wish they'd used elsewhere on the album.

You have to wonder where a band like Silver Sun can go from here. It is true that they have a unique ability to write smart, catchy pop songs. Most McFly-lite boybands could do well to employ their services as songwriters. If anything, this album is a showcase of their abilities. It's just a shame it's such a one-trick pony.



out of 10

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