Seachange - Glitterball EP

Hailing from darkest Nottingham, Seachange are somewhat refreshing and this four track EP gives a good taster of their range. Musically, they rarely venture beyond what you might call indie-rock if such a solid label existed anymore, but there is depth here, and a willingness to experiment.

Glitter Ball is a slow building, almost mournful, track that has a simple arrangement upon which various layers are added. Beginning with drums and a lone violin, it eventually climaxes with fuzzy warbling guitars and the vocals clearly straddling the whole thing. To Stay Or Move, is fairly short and snappy, or as short and snappy as Seachange get. It has a great chorus, and underneath the slabs of guitar it’s clear that Seachange have a clearly defined sense of melody.

House of Leaves is a sprawling, jagged song that gives an idea of the depth of the band. Near enough six minutes long, and not a superfluous note or line in the whole thing. Fiddle and guitar never sounded like more suited bedfellows than here. Killing Time lazily falls back into ballad country, and almost, very nearly but not quite, has an Oasis like feel. They'd probably hate that comparison, and rightly so, but there's something of a swaggering feel to the bridge of the song that brings them to mind. Just acoustic guitar and vocal, they do manage to end the EP in style.

Seachange might not set your world on fire with this EP. You won't be phoning your friends up late at night, grinning and raving about this great new band you've heard, but they're a decent, solid band; different enough to stand out in a sea (ha!) of interchangeable bands and musicians that have the image and the sound but are missing that certain something. That certain something is usually an understanding of the craftsmanship of songwriting, and that is something that Seachange certainly have in abundance. Interesting, worth catching live, and definitely one to watch.



out of 10

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