Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - Is This Love?

And the hype machine rolls ever onwards... Hot on the heels of the chart-topping Arctic Monkeys come the latest Internet-driven musical phenomenon getting hipsters in a tizzy, this indie five piece from Brooklyn. The imminent arrival of their first UK single proper provokes the question of whether it's love at first listen or a case of hiding under your pillow for three minutes and seven seconds until the man with the funny voice has gone away.

First things first though - utilising the world wide web's ability to bring new music to the masses is probably the only connection you could draw between this group and Yorkshire's most celebrated primates. A far less immediate prospect largely due to the love them or really, really despise them vocals of Alec Ounsworth and with far more depth sonically, CYHSY are much more the muso's band, more Arcade Fire than Aforementioned Monkeys.

Swirling keyboards envelope the swooning vocal, while hip-shaking melodies conjured up from the rhythm section convene to weave a lush soundscape with an entrancing and whimsical feel that you could quite happily lose yourself in for hours and hours. Marked down purely for being quite such an acquired taste, this will more than likely repel as many if people as it'll delight but if you don't give yourself the opportunity to let it weave its spell over you, you'll be denying yourself the chance of falling for something really quite special. Go on, be brave.



out of 10

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