Super Numeri - The Welcome Table

Don't be fooled by the small number of tracks. Super Numeri have filled a whole CD. Unfortunately, The Welcome Table feels rather over-stretched.

Twenty-five minute opener The First League Of Angels is the best thing here, sounding somewhere between DJ Shadow and a live jam, with a sort of Spiritualized-style white noise breakdown in the middle. On the remaining six tunes (all shorter), the band frequently flirt with the exotic. The Buzzard & The Lamb is built round voodoo style percussion, which hastens as the track progresses. To mysterious effect, The Sea Wolves creaks like an old ship underneath a layer of snake-charming sax. The Welcome is like being lost in ocean fog; formless, bar a creepy flute creating an air of unease. You can imagine John Carpenter's ghostly pirates lurking within.

There are elements of jazz, rock and ambient, of the beat obsessiveness of hip-hop, yet The Welcome Table rarely grips as it should. The Chart and The Spies Of St Ives, for example, don't seem to go anywhere, lacking tension and build. Although evocative at times, this wholly instrumental album will test the patience of most listeners.



out of 10

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