iForward, Russia! & Redjetson - Cambridge Soul Tree

A cold night in Cambridge has brought me to the resident indie night at The Soul Tree called Club Goo. Every Wednesday night, for a bargain fiver, you get to see three bands and drink some cheap(ish) lager!

First up tonight were Metro Riots, with a rather topical band name given the recent happenings in France, it was nice to hear a good old rock n roll band. None of this art-rock, post-punk nonsense, but some good quality riffs. With echoes of the Von Bondies, the lead singer and guitarist looked like they'd lived the rock n roll life for ten years already! There wasn't anything particularly original about these guys, but they were great entertainers.

We then had the band that I'd mainly come to see, Redjetson. I've got a bit of a soft spot for any post-rock band, plenty of guitar effects and prog-rock tendencies and been recommended this band a while back, picked up their debut album and was really impressed. I'd not had a chance to see them live until tonight and I wasn't disappointed. The band looking incredibly focused, the sound was awesome - they created an impressive back drop of music, given energy and drive along by the three guitarists and a floor full of effects peddles. The lead singers vocals layered over this, maybe slightly too low in the mix but not enough so you could make it out. Stand out tracks from the album like This City Moans are crisp and tight, it's obvious this band have toured a hell of a lot and a half hour set does not do these guys justice.

After that, what would iForward, Russia! be like? I'd heard a few mp3's, but not enough to form an opinion. This evening, they impress. Part of the whole art-rock scene that's become popular recently through Bloc Party, Kaiser Chiefs etc, these guys do things slightly differently. All the tracks are named in the numerical order they were written, so tonight they play a set that includes Fourteen, Three, Five and Thirteen. Also the imagery on their t-shirts with the i! symbols is great which nods to the punk movement in the 70's. The lead singer is constantly looking to strangle himself with the microphone lead, contorting himself and jumping around the stage, there's so much energy going on up there it's hard not to get involved and the crowd respond to this. Their sound is raw but not negatively so, this is proper garage rock and reminds me a lot of PiL and John Lydon. If Bloc Party had listened to more PiL, they would sound like this! The only downer was that the keyboard was shot to hell, apparently kicked to pieces after a stage invasion the previous night, it's not making much noise, which leads to it getting unceremoniously dumped off stage and them borrowing Redjetson's xylophone!
After a set that flies by with passion, aggression and a few riffs for good measure, they're off and I've been impressed. Writing this now my ears are still ringing and I want to see them again, if only to hear what they sound like with the synth!

Pictures courtesy of Yumi Yoshinaga

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