Interview with Laura More

Vibeka Mair What does the title of your new single 'Ai No Corrida' mean?
Laura More It means - in the realm of the senses. It’s the title of a Japanese film from the 1980s by Nagisa Oshima; it is an art house film that you probably won’t find at your local blockbuster. (A specialist film site describes the film as an explicit study of sex and death) A lot of people think it is Spanish, but they are wrong.

VM Your last video appearance, in Eric Prydz’s ‘Call on me’, was very sexy. Any hints about the new video?
LM It is a love story. A Geisha girl falls in love with her master, but the difference in their social classes means they shouldn’t be together. It’s a great video with a lot going on - there is the Brazilian martial art of Capoeira (the first time it has been featured in a pop video) and I play a cross between Jennifer Beals from Flashdance and GI Jane.

VM What’s your favourite pop song at the moment?
LM Dance music is my love, but I really like the new track by KT Tunstall. It’s called ‘Suddenly I See’.

VM Most people know you as a dancer from the Eric Prydz video. When did you enter the music business?
LM This isn’t a new thing for me. I’ve been doing dance music for years. I’ve got my own studio at home and I record a lot of my own music. You’ll be seeing a lot of me next year

VM What direction is your music going to take?
LM It’s going to be dance, with some 80s influences thrown in.

VM What are your musical influences?
LM I really like Quincy Jones - his music, the people he is worked with. I think he is simply groundbreaking.

VM What was it like working with duo Uniting Nations?
LM They are really cool guys. I call them the bobby and the crook (Paul is a policeman). It was a lot of fun working with them.

VM I read a rumour in a certain tabloid that Robbie Williams and yourself went out. Is there any truth in this?
LM (Laughing) No, I didn’t go out with him, it was another girl from the Eric Prydz video.

VM Who do you fancy in the dance music world at the moment?
LM There is no one I like in the music world, but I like the actor Matthew McConaughey. He starred in the Wedding Planner with Jennifer Lopez

VM Finally, do you have any plans for the New Year?
LM I will probably go abroad to avoid the cold in Blighty.

The new single ‘Ai no Corrida’ is currently out. Check out the sexy video featuring on CDTimes now.

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