Uniting Nations - One World

Uniting Nations’ debut album ‘One World’ should be called one song. It kicks off with the massive dance floor hit – ‘Out of Touch’, after which the album goes downhill. ‘Out of Touch’ is a great feel-good house tune. However, the dance duo has fallen into the trap of having a formula they know is successful and then reworking it too many times.

Too many tracks on the album sound the same. Many use similar melodies, and sometimes I didn’t realise a new tune had started until I noticed the words or singer had changed. At the extreme, ‘Make Love’ uses the exact same sample as ‘Out of Touch’. This is just lazy.

But the record has a few gems. ‘Ai No Corrida’ featuring Laura More is a great disco-inspired tune and ‘Destiny’ is a refreshing change with its dark beats and great voice programming. However, the album is mostly a lacklustre collection of similar songs. Including DJ Tools (samples and a cappella vocals) is a nice treat for bedroom mixers, but it doesn’t redeem the record.

‘Out of Touch’ is one of the biggest tunes of this year, but Paul and Daz cannot rely on it. Sticking to something that works may seem like the safe option, but people get bored easily, especially when it comes to music.



out of 10

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