Papa Roach - Crooked Teeth

Any band this far into a career as long as Papa Roach's have no right to produce a record as good as this, their ninth, Crooked Teeth. Most bands approaching their 20th anniversary need to produce maybe one or two hits from each record so they can continue touring and the crowds that come out to see them can enjoy them as they patiently wait for the real hits that they enjoy and remember. Papa Roach have produced an album of ten tracks and each and everyone is top quality.

Opening track 'Break The Fall' starts the collection off slowly, haunting strings are soon swallowed by a distant, menacing riff with a lead singer Jacoby Shaddix bringing back the rapping style vocals that threaded through their sophomore album Infest. Lines like "Fighting the fight of our lives to make you listen/You got me losin' my breath it's been a long run". It sure has been, and Shaddix pulls out the vocal delivery to start the album off to a blinding start. The album is already starting to show its variation with the pummeling 808-style bass drop in the middle of title track. With a throbbing electronic bass beat akin to something you would hear from Kanye West the idea works, a risk has paid off.

Never a band to have many guest artists, this time out they include two wildly eclectic and diverse acts. The Eminem/Everlast trailer park rap by Machine Gun Kelly is evident on 'Sunrise Trailer Park' and one of two stand out tracks on the record, 'Periscope' is the other, which features Skylar Grey. The latter track using the harmony vocals of Shaddix and Grey well building to an emotional and heart breaking climax.

One other standout track on the record is 'Help'. US radio rock gets short shrift in the world of music and other than maybe Nickelback there hasn't been much crossover and success with it. When radio rock rocks like this it should permeate the masses and be much bigger. A catchy chorus and an scratchy vocal underpins the seriousness of the lyrics. Ultimately, Papa Roach have produced a record that will go down as a classic, with its varied, and at times risky, sound.


Papa Roach return to take back US rock radio


out of 10

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