Introducing: Twinnie

Hey Twinnie, can you introduce yourself to our readers?
Hey my name is Twinnie, I'm a singer songwriter and originally from York but I live in London.

You were at C2C recently, how was the experience for you?
Amazing such a cool vibe! Everyone was so welcoming and the fans are so attentive. Even though I was a newbie to C2C I had a massive crowd and sold out of my EPs that were on sale.

Did you see any other acts that surprised (or impressed) you?
I loved Drake White and Charlie Woresham. My friend Brothers Osbourne and Lucie Silvas were performing, as always they smashed it!

What led you into the country / folk genre of music?
I've always been a bit of a story teller, started out in poems when I was extremely young. My dad was into country, folk music and my voice I suppose has a twang.

Does it seem like the country music scene is really taking off in the UK?
Yeah which is great, I've been on this country journey for a while so for me the fact its taking off is amazing!

Some people will know you from your acting career, which came first that or the music?
Music was first, it's something that I can't not do - I have played West End theatres, done film and TV but if I'm honest it was always to pay my way as a musician.

Did Hollyoaks give you any skills that are useful in the music industry, or is it a totally different beast?
I think the entertainment industry as a whole whether its acting, modelling, dancing - all of them have helped me be a better artist. Acting and dancing always come in handy when im shooting a music video and modelling has helped me be comfortable doing shoots and standing in front of a camera.

What’s the most difficult thing been for you, transforming from a well known face on the telly to a singer-songwriter?
It’s so funny you say that because most people know me as an artist or for my work in the West End. There’s only a small demographic like teenage girls that know me from Hollyoaks. I was on it so long ago now it’s almost irrelevant.

You’ve written songs for other people, as well as your own stuff, what is the songwriting process for you?
I'm a very visual songwriter as I want people to connect with the songs as much as possible. I either wanna break your heart or make you dance, or both.

You wrote with Ben Earle from The Shires, does their success inspire you? Or just make you jealous?
I did, I still do. 100% NOT AT ALL!!! I was there when the idea of The Shires was born. I love both those guys and very proud of them. They're making history and opening the gate way for other people. Very inspired!

Which song are you most proud of so far?
My first EP, and a couple of songs I wrote with Ben Earle 'Black and White' and 'First Flight Out”'.

What does 2017 hold for you?
A new EP; record out by the end of the year!

When will we be seeing new music from you?
The beginning of May.

What kind of stuff do you have on your MP3 player?
I dont have one haha

If you could only listen to one song this week, what would it be?
Queen - 'Bohemian Rhapsody'

What’s the question we should have asked you today but haven’t?
Who would I most like to duet with...

Finally, how do you take your coffee?
Black, bit of milk, no sugar

Thanks so much for your time Twinnie!
Thank you x

You can check Twinnie out on her social media channels, or visit her website.


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