Sundara Karma - Youth is Only Ever Fun in Retrospect

When 2016 closed its doors it left behind the careers and lives of some spectacular artists. It seems harder every year for indie bands to survive and the ones that make it past a second album are getting becoming increasingly rare. One of the first major releases of 2017 is Sundara Karma's debut Youth is Only Ever Fun in Retrospect (a brave title for a band in their early twenties). They have the same buzz as bands like The 1975 and Years and Years - two bands who have proven successful on both sides of the Atlantic. Sundara Karma have just returned from a tour of the US and are touted for great things by the BBC. But as always, the proof of the pudding is in the eating.

YIOEVIR certainly feels like a band who are confident with a sound created for arenas rather than a back room in a pub. The Reading quartet have created a debut that sparkles with commercial appeal, and ambition should never be criticised. Though it has to be said that other than frontman Oscar Pollack's distinct vocal delivery there is a very little sign of a Sundara Karma sound. Each track is covered in the influence of the past masters. Throughout the album their are nods to the Brit Pop greats as well as the biggest indie bands of the 00's. The single 'Love Blood' sounds like a more volatile Killers , 'Happy Family' would have fitted easily on the latest Kings of Leon record and their current single 'Flame' has the same effective funky guitar chop style that The 1975 borrowed from INXS to great success. When they are at their best is when they are at their most pop and tracks like 'She Said' and 'Vivienne' certainly have more than enough pop hooks to make them a band who will make many young indie fan swoon and detested by the old muso brigade.


Sundara Karma are certainly a band who are shooting for the stars with their debut album 'Youth is Only Ever Fun in Retrospect'. Though they may need some slightly less pretentious album titles.


out of 10

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