The Fix List: Great Ytene

Taking a break from preparing for their debut album, dreamy psych-sounding Great Ytene have shared a Fix List of music they simply “dig for various reasons”. We’ll be listening for these influences in Locus when it’s released on 17 February, an album they’ve described as taking on darker themes, something we’ve heard for ourselves in the singles released so far.

Sun Ra - ‘Lanquidity’

This one is a wonderfully intoxicating heady number that creeps, wanders and staggers for eight minutes like a funk song caught in slow motion.

Deerhunter - 'Saved By Old Times'

I’ll die trying to be in any band that sound like Deerhunter. Bradford Cox’s guitar sounds and song writing have always been something I’ve chased! It reminds me of always trying to be in bands too.

Meredith Monk - 'Cow Song'

It has something to do with drone (is it another voice or a massive wine glass in the background here, I'm not sure), and loopy melodies, and the fact that I have no vocal talents whatsoever and can't even hum a bit of this even though I'd like to.

Sleeping States - 'Rivers'

Many, many years ago in a motel room in San Francisco this track played on loop for like 10 hours, while a kid in a Grateful Dead t-shirt and his pit bull sold us the biggest bag of mushrooms we have ever seen. We flooded the room and all ended up 90% naked.

Destroyer - 'Your Blood'

This whole album stinks of class. It makes me want to glide around smokey rooms drinking red wine.

This Heat - 'The Fall of Saigon'

"Their chaos is meticulous." Ian Penman.

Sonic Youth - 'The Diamond Sea'

It's always hard picking out a favourite Sonic Youth track, but this one is pretty high on my list. The song shifts from a straight-up SY pop number into loud crashing guitar freakouts, sweeping through experimental noise-scapes and droney reverse segments before coming to a close just before the 26 minute mark. What’s not to like?

Cap’n Jazz - ‘Basil’s Knife'

Because? Tim Kinsella was on point in the early 90s.

Owls - 'Holy Fucking Ghost'

Because? Tim Kinsella was on point in the early 00s.

Indian Jewelry - ‘Temporary Famine Ship'

You know how Dylan Thomas's last words were, "I’ve had 18 straight whiskies; I think I'm going to buy a synth." That's exactly how I felt through most of winter 2008 and this song was playing everywhere.

Women - 'Locust Valley'

Everyone likes Women. So then I think, “I'm not listening to Women” and go listen to Glenn Gould instead. But then I find I'm secretly humming Women tunes in my head and that, actually, I really like Women and wish I'd written this song.

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