Artists' Albums of 2016: Otoboke Beaver

Furious and fun punk rockers Otoboke Beaver have been Japan’s best kept secret since 2009. Thanks to the Damnably label, in 2016 we all got to share the Kyoto band’s breakneck Riot Grrrl attitude as they finally released music outside their home country: compilation album Okoshiyasu Otoboke Beaver, and brand new EP Bakuro Book premiered by TMF. And there’s been nothing quite like their UK shows this year.

We’re very grateful to the band for sharing their favourite albums of the year. You really need to check this list out: these gems won't be found in any other British or Western 'best of' lists.


Not Wonk - This Ordinary

Simple rock is the best, but we can't imitate them. Their live show is also cool so I can't stop, sigh. Our favorite songs are ‘Older Oder’ and ‘I'll Give You As You Gave Me’. (From Tomakomai, Hokkaido, Japan.)


Skirt - Call

The melodies Wataru Sawabe makes are precise and very pop, and the lyrics are nostalgic like a novel. Our especially favorite songs are ‘Hibi yo Hibari yo’ and ‘Kaisou’. (From Tokyo, Japan.)


Miyatake Bones - Packs

This is cool from the first song. Their live show is also hyper crazy! Their vocal is the very best and always rampant, all the time. (From Osaka, Japan.)


Mourn - Ha, Ha, He

It’s incredible, they are still teenagers. This summer I’ve maybe listened to their album all the time. Fuckin' cool. (From Barcelona, Spain.)


Fujin Club - Fujin Color

Their identity is in the dark, but we know the producer is Monsieur Lemon (Nozomu Sato). Twinkle pop sound and a cutie voice grabs our hearts. (From Sadogashima, Niigata, Japan.)

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