Whiskey Myers - The Dome, London

Genres. Labels.Easy to get stuck with. Maybe that’s why Whiskey Myers seem to be doing their best to smash their way out of the country rock label they got tagged with after their Firewater record back in 2011. Packing out Camden’s The Dome venue it’s a surprise that any of the foundations are left intact after the mega loud rock of the Texan band. In a crowd consisting of old rockers, old country folk, and a smattering of youthful beards they set about changing the perceptions of all those gathered.

Their set is a mind bending set of genres, ‘Mud’ is big on the riffage, ‘Virginia’ goes all proggy in the centre of a country ballad, ‘Early Morning Shakes’ is an opening jam band session, ‘Bar Guitar and a Honky Tonk Crowd’ is a drunken singalong, and ‘Seven Nation Army’ rather fitting. There’s all sorts going on. In between though they have slide guitar, harmonica, and fiddle, wearing their roots heart on their sleeve. They don’t only rock though, ‘Lightening Bugs And Rain’ is frothy and easygoing, and ‘Broken Window Serenade’ is quite beautiful, and frontman Cody Cannon goes acoustic on the refreshingly honest ‘Trailer We Call Home’, before they let it all go on ‘Ballad Of A Southern Man’ - “I still fly that southern flag / Whistling Dixieland enough to brag”.

Live they definitely lean more on the heavy rock side of things, they’re a tight band and deliver a terrific sound. If you like your country a little on the rough side then Whiskey Myers are heading back to the UK in May for more headline shows. Catch them then.

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