Sarah Darling, Jenn Bostic, Kyshona - Norden Farm Centre for Arts, Maidenhead

“Wow” “That’s beautiful” Just two comments thrown out by the audience that perfectly sum up the hour and a half spent in the company of Jenn Bostic,Sarah Darling and Kyshona Armstong. Their show at the Norden Farm Centre for the Arts is part of their ‘A Night In Nashville’ tour, bringing the in-the-round concept to the UK, and showcases just why the current trend for country music in Britain is best seen live.

Of the three ladies from Nashville, Armstong and Bostic are friends and have been co-writing, while Darling has a burgeoning following as a consequence of appearing at Country To Country Festival earlier this year. The trio complement each other perfectly, both vocally, their personalities on stage, and their music. The 33 year old Darling grabs your head and takes you to another place, with her dreamy, evocative stories: the scenic ‘Where Cowboys Ride’, ambiguously suggestive ‘You Take Me All The Way’, and stunningly beautiful ‘Stargazer’.

The Philadelphia born Bostic on the other hand takes your heart. The moment in ‘Jealous Of The Angels’ where her voice cracks and a tears falls has the galvanising effect on her colleagues, as well as the full house crowd who take up any slack and sing the lyrics back, it’s a genuinely touching moment. Bostic also does fun, as the arms in the air instructions pre-’Hollywood’ and harmonic ‘What Love Feels Like’ show, and is an engaging presence all show.

Finally, bringing the soul, and a voice that delivers a hard kick to the unmentionables, is Kyshona. This tour is her first time in the UK and she’s the least know, but her winning personality and the honesty that she puts into her music - there’s a theme of insecurity and self-doubt - means you can’t help but connect. ‘Lonely’ is about just that, feeling alone, even in a crowd, and ‘The Best Of You’ and ‘Do nothin’’ deliver equally as empowering messages. The real excitement around Kyshona though is her voice. It’s everything you want from a soul singer and adds a depth that compliments the two other singers.

The in-the-round style involves the trio taking turns and explaining the stories behind the music, and this show is a great chance to see three singer songwriters up close and personal, Darling in particular makes more eye contact in an hour than most singers make in their career. A stripped back affair, just two guitars and a keyboard, it really demonstrates the talent of live performing, and the authenticity of the singers. The set up leaves you wanting more. Bravo ladies.

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