Avant-grade jazz and electronica artist Nimzo-Indian shares a track from 'NOMADNO'

Simultaneously electronic, avant-jazz and psych-rock outfit Nimzo-Indian have released a new album 'NOMADNO' via Belgium based OFF Recordings, together with a mini album 'Fountain 1917' out on Bandcamp.

Nimzo-Indian are both quirky and quixotic with a slippery sound avoiding easy classification or simple genre references. Working as this pseudonym since 2011, they might describe themselves more by visual references, such as Duchamp meets David Lynch. In fact, many of the instruments, mini guitars and turntables used to make this album have also been exhibited as art pieces in their own right.

They have also collaborated with a wide number of musicians including creating remixes for Mark Springer (Rip Rig and Panic), the High Llamas (Blinger Suc), Sasha Siem, Stealing Sheep, Portico Quartet and PC Music.

Listen to Nimzo-Indian's BBC Radio 3 Late Junction played track 'Spring Cleaning' featuring Fats Waller. More details below:

'NOMADNO' was put together over a 2 year period, and the 14 tracks show a diverse range of moods and stylistic approaches. Tracks such as Words, Shrigley and Poetronica use computer synthesised voices against distorted guitar lines and experimental beats. The words too play a part, often humorous and surreal.

Telescope the Moon and Incredible Incredible are more cinematic and features live recordings from a Welsh chapel pump organ as well as washes of guitar noise from home made instruments.

Let's Forget, Time Waits and Speakon have a more world and avant jazz sound whilst still infused with complex rhythms and micro beats.

The new material on 'Fountain 1917' continuous where the previous album set off, but has a more intricate synthesised sound which combines world rhythms and splashes of slide guitar and piano to good effect. This album has a more conceptual feel overall. A more cinematic sound, the visual potential is clear to see and their are various videos created from old archive footage to accompany the album.

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