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The Duke Of Clarence Is No More

Following up on this article, North London music pub The Duke Of Clarence was not sold as the auction was pulled from Ebay at the last minute. Reason unknown. The top bid was £50,100.

The Duke Of Clarence survived as the owner paid up the money that he owed to the council so the council bailiffs didn't show up. In the past month, a guerilla art installation was set up outside the pub by a couple of music fans. The installation was entitled 'Modern Art Makes Me Want To Rock Out' and consisted of The Rhythm Factory (an East end London music venue) album cover along with a computer, an apple with pencils stuck into it, wire fencing, plastic sheets, an empty drawer with a shoe in it and so on.

The pub is frequented by Pete Doherty and various up-and-coming London bands. Doherty himself has played gigs there with The Libertines and his current band Babyshambles. His new website is available by clicking the following link: (Bala Chadha is slang for crack cocaine)

The website will show videos of him hanging out with his pals, discussing poetry, singing etc.

It has now come to CD Times' attention that The Duke Of Clarence is no more. This is due to the owner not paying the rent. As a result, bailiffs hired by the brewery (Enterprise Inns) have boarded up the pub with steel sheets and have taken possession of the pub in company of the police.

The pub has been threatened with closure a lot of times but this now looks like its final. The brewery has now well and truly taken it over.

Who knows what the future holds for The Duke Of Clarence but for now it looks decidedly uncertain.

The previous article quoted in full:

'North London music pub The Duke Of Clarence has been put up for auction on Ebay. The pub itself has been host to many gigs from the latest up-and-coming London bands of late and years gone past.

Most notably, The Libertines, Pete Doherty and Babyshambles have played some riotous sets there.

The auction description reads:

'the duke of clarence is an unlicensed north london pub, located off of rotherfield st, this shabby pub is an ideal location for crackheads in a search for a new home. Regular visitors include, Pete Doherty, the rest of his band, Kate Moss, and all of them lot. Buy it here and you could be the owner of one of London's er premium music venues*..... *crackheads not included'

The auction ends on Monday 22nd September at 10:48am.

The auction is available to view by clicking HERE!

Word has it that The Duke Of Clarence is due to be repossessed by the local council bailiffs, with the occupants in the dwelling above the pub, due to be evicted.

The brewery want their pub back.

The shit hits the fan on September 29.'

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