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Sisters Holly and Coco Chant, aka Xylaroo, have taken a break building to the 3 June release of their album Sweetooth – which they describe: “a comforting place for you to relax your face when you need some inspiration” – to put together a sun-kissed summer jam playlist of their favourite tracks.

The sisters care about: love, humanity, philosophy, which are all themes you will hear below. So grab your sunglasses, pull up the lounger, and get ready to listen to their fantastic selection.

Naughty By Nature - 'Feel Me Flow '

I remember listening to this in summer with our older sister, when she’d drive us around in our mom’s car when we were younger. Total. Summer. Jam.

Grizzly Bear - 'Ready, Able'

Fit for a summer night. Maybe in the woods. Would love to make a video like this one day too; amazing claymation!

On My Block - 'Scarface'

They don’t make em like this anymore.

Little Mix - ‘Hair ft. Sean Paul'

Holly really likes Little Mix...

Gerry Rafferty - 'Days Gone Down'

Recent recommendation from our dad. Sweet for the summer.

Rilo Kiley - 'Let Me Back In'

Obviously there has got to be a Rilo Kiley song in here. Great song especially to listen to on summer road trips.

The Beach Boys - 'Don’t Worry Baby'

Just fantastic.

The Temptations - 'My Girl'

Again just a classic.

Calvin Harris & Disciples - 'How Deep is Your Love'

Pardy­Pardy in the summer.

Omi - 'Cheerleader'

Just cumon’ ­such a summer tune!

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