Roots Manuva - Awfully De/Ep

Roots Manuva’s new EP Awfully De/Ep is a classic example of UK hip-hop that actually sounds British. Roots is distinctly a geezer, unlike some UK acts that have dropped the awful faux-American accent, but kept the Americanised beats and style.

The new track ‘Seat Yourself’ is a well-produced mish-mash of sounds: creepy synth violins, articulated inarticulate babble and churning bass. On the flipside the Diplo remix is bouncy and playful, a softer version of the grimy original.

‘Awfully Deep’, the title track from Manuva’s album is given two new lives. Damon Albarn’s piano piece on the Lambeth Blues version is a great touch. While the Metronomy Remix, somehow successfully transforms the song into an eighties, electronica piece of funk.

It’s delightfully eccentric, very original, very British, and most importantly very good.



out of 10

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